Monster Bash Remake - Special Edition with Mods

Chicago Gaming Company

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Monster Bash is the highly anticipated third game in Chicago Gaming Company's series of remakes of the greatest Bally and Williams pinball machines.

Monster Bash Remake was recreated to exceed the high standards of the original game. By using modern electronics, LED lighting, and today’s manufacturing technology, the game will provide the pinball experience you have grown to love along with the reliability and craftsmanship that is demanded in today’s pinball market.

For the first time ever, Monster Bash Remake will have fully interactive RGB General Illumination. Monster Bash Remake changes the general illumination of the playfield to enhance the playing experience. Watch as each monster now has their own unique light show to add to their eerie performance.

All the Monsters went through a little extra preparation as they were getting ready to take the stage again. The added details on the Monsters are sure to please the crowds.

Monster Bash Remake features a custom LED lit popper. 

Dr. Frankenstein Has been very busy lately. He built a plasma disk (MOD) in his lab to increase the power to Frankenstein and the whole Monster Bash remake game. Watch it come to life as everything needs more power!

Dracula decided to join in and added some extra LED lighting to his coffin. Watch out though when his coffin glows, he will be coming out to join the band.

The speakers are illuminated with red, green and blue tri-color LEDs

All new full-color display artwork

Custom piano key flipper toppers

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