My Fairy Garden Windmill Terrace


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  • Plant, grow, play!
  • Using the included soil, gardening tools, and seeds (and following the suggestions in the leaflet! ), plant your fairy garden! You can also add your own seeds, plants, or flowers, too!
  • Nurture your garden by making sure it gets some sunlight and the right amount of water. Soon you will see sprouts, and then watch them grow!
  • As your garden grows, you can play in your fairy world! Have lots of fun with Saffron the fairy and him lovely swans Beau and Grace! Hang out in the gourd home or in the garden. You can even add water to the pond area for your swans, and gently press the pump to make the water wheel work!
  • The gourd house features a real solar panel that, when exposed to enough sunlight, will make the windmill rotate! It's a fun addition to play value and a stem lesson on solar energy!
  • You can also customize your fairy garden by adding your own pebbles, stones, and accessories to decorate!
  • It’s a magical gift for children ages 4 and up!