Ugears Bike VM-02 Model


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With the UGears Bike you can build something amazing withoutany tools. Create the spirit of the road when you assemble this UGears BikeVM-02 Model. Driven by a powerful rubber band motor, the motorcycle will rideas far as 10 feet in one winding, using energy produced by the motor andtransmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism. The design of the Bike allows youto observe the work of the mechanism, including the moving pistons that lookabsolutely fascinating. The UGears Bike VM-02 Model Kit includes sustainablysourced high grade plywood parts shaped by precise hairline laser cuts andeverything else you might need for assembly. No glue or special tools areneeded.Includes step-by-step instructions.  Contains 189 parts, approximate assembly timeis 2-4 hours.  Perfect STEM activity.Detailed realistic design ensures that the Bike will be apopular addition to any home or office décor.